Meet Trina;

Based in Brighton Trina has been photographing the newest arrivals in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London & beyond for over three years now, originally picking up her first little plastic fisher price camera aged 5 she has progressed with her passion over the years. A proud member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers, a UK based association which maintains high safety standards to ensure newborns safety & comfort, Trina’s background in arts, photography & Midwifery combined with an award winning style contributes to being considered by many as one of the UKs premier newborn photographers, often travelling the length & breadth of the UK to photograph her tiny clients. As a leading specialist in newborn photography, Trina has been featured in multiple UK publications & clients often book as early as 8 weeks pregnant.

Trina provides a beautifully customised photography experience which captures the tiniest yawn, or sweetest little eyelashes which when captured creates a lifetime of emotions and joy. Each session is unique in its own way, each newborn is different, with individual details & a character true & unique to them resulting in precious images that are irreplaceable.

Although Trina has attended numerous extensive training courses with exclusive American photographers she is predominantly self taught, with a style & vision which is constantly changing but consistently emotive, her passion for her craft means she is always chasing new ideas & evolving her art.

“All too often i hear of parents with a grown up child who have precious few images when they were a newborn, i see it as my role to ensure my clients never miss out on those moments on their newest family member when they’re so teeny & curled &… brand new. After all they’re only this tiny, for a little while.”

“Thankyou for visiting my site, i look forwards to being your newborn photographer!”